Dial Gas Meter

At Graysville Gas and Water we take a great deal of pride in reading your meter accurately even though our meter readers read more than 6000 gas meters monthly. We are proud of the dedication of our meter reading team, and appreciate you, the customer, for assisting them gain safe access to our equipment.

Along with being important to our company, accurate meter reads are important to our customers as well. Many of our customers keep a close watch on their monthly usage for a variety of reasons, and when a gas bill appears incorrect, they call and request a re-read. To facilitate the flow of information between our office and our customers, the information below will assist you in understanding how we determine your natural gas usage.

Your gas meter is read from a row of four to six dials, such as those shown below. (Meters also have two other dials used for testing). Each dial rotates in the opposite direction from the dial next to it:

How to read a meter:


  • Read each dial in the direction shown by the arrows.
  • If the dial hand is between the numbers, use the lower one (if between 9 and 0, read 9).
  • If the dial hand is exactly on a number, look at the dial to the immediate right. If its dial hand is not past zero, record the lower number for the dial in question.
  • While the number of dials on your meter may vary, the procedure for reading them is the same.
This meter reading is 7316