Fire Department


Graysville has a well equipped fire department with many trained fire fighters. Its paramedic unit responds quickly and efficiently when summoned to emergency situations. The station has four bays and has room for a class room and day area, six beds, lockers and offices. Graysville has a four fire rating due to improvements in water supply and additional fire engines and an improved communication system.

Advanced Life Support

Graysville is staffed with certified paramedics.

Swift Water Rescue

Equipped with wet suits, personal flotation devices, helmets, and specially designed water rescue devices, the Department’s Swift Water Rescue personnel have the ability to create land-based water rescue systems, as well as to perform water-based contact rescues, in order to save victims trapped in the natural and man-made waterways in the City of Graysville and neighboring communities.  Graysville Fire Department also work in conjunction with the Blount County Fire Department for extended swift water situations.

Rope Rescue

Graysville Fire Department has been trained and certified in High Angle (Rope) Rescue. High angle rescue is considered to be terrain that has a slope angle of 60 and higher. Rescuers are totally dependent upon the ropes used to keep them and the victims from falling and to gain access to and egress from the rescue location.

Examples of high angle locations include: pipe racks, ledges, and catwalks, tops of vessels, cranes, and water towers. High angles are also found below grade level in ship holds, barges, confined spaces, tunnels, and sewer and piping systems. Good, competent technical rescue skills involving ropes, anchoring and belaying systems, lowering and hauling systems and litter/stretcher work are going to be mandatory for the safe performance of the rescue team.